[mythtv-commits] Ticket #11148: PingHost setting in config.xml does not work

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Sat Oct 6 11:07:12 UTC 2012

#11148: PingHost setting in config.xml does not work
 Reporter:  vah78@…                  |           Type:  Bug Report -
   Status:  new                      |  General
Milestone:  unknown                  |       Priority:  minor
  Version:  0.26                     |      Component:  MythTV - General
 Keywords:  ping PingHost            |       Severity:  medium
  config.xml                         |  Ticket locked:  0
 The pinging of the mysql server at program (mythbackend, mythfrontend,
 mythlogserver, etc.) start cannot be disabled with this setting. This is a
 problem when mysql is running on a different host and ping is either not
 installed or does not work as a non-root user. Thus, ping fails and
 programs starts to prompt connection settings from the user.

 I did reconfigure using the command line prompts with mythbackend and GUI
 prompts with mythfrontend, and both correctly(?) saved the setting as
 "<PingHost>0</PingHost>" to config.xml, but it does not stop them from
 trying to ping when started next time.

 Tested on Arch Linux with MythTV version 0.26 from community repository.
 (This did work up to version 0.25.2 but that probably still used the old
 mysql.txt even though it created a config.xml in ~/.mythtv.)

 As a workaround, a dummy shell script as the ping command in user's path
 will do the trick:
 exit 0

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