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Thu May 31 21:39:06 UTC 2012

#10777: Audio, but no video with 0.25
 Reporter:  mythtv@…              |          Owner:  jyavenard
     Type:  Bug Report - General  |         Status:  closed
 Priority:  major                 |      Milestone:  unknown
Component:  Ports - OSX           |        Version:  0.25-fixes
 Severity:  medium                |     Resolution:  Invalid
 Keywords:  osx video playback    |  Ticket locked:  0

Comment (by Craig Treleaven <ctreleaven@…>):

 In limited testing of 25-fixes*, I've found that Setup>Appearance OpenGL
 enables video playback (MPEG2 recordings from HDHomerun AND DVD rips).


 If OpenGL is selected, a bunch of other screens are broken.  Eg:
 -Setup>Media settings>Image Settings => screen doesn't paint; can 'exit'
 back to previous screen via Esc.
 -MythBrowser produces a blank screen
 -MythNews produces a blank screen.

 I believe this also affects (several? all?) screens in MythTV-Setup but I
 didn't have a chance to switch the OpenGL/Qt setting and try again.

 Please let me know what kind of logs would be useful and I'll produce them

 *Built via the MacPorts build process I'm working on.  Hopefully I haven't
 shot myself in the foot but my experience seems to mirror others using the
 osx-packager built apps.

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