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#10774: Maximum of 5 simultaneous recordings per tuner is too low
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 I have a TBS6984 quad tuner satellite PCIe card, which says that it can
 record up to 12 HD channels per tuner:


 Why is it, then, that when running mythtv-setup to configure the backend,
 the maximum number of simultaneous recordings per tuner is set to only 5?

 Note that the BBC/Sky in the UK have launched 24 HD channels on satellite
 to air Olympics events - with the card I have, this would limit me to only
 20 of the 24 :-( Also note that I have an i7 CPU and a very fast Intel SSD
 (500+ Mbytes/sec write) which are needed for such a large number of
 simultaneous recordings.

 Nearly a year ago, there was a similar complaint on the official mythtv-
 users mailing list:


 As you can see from that mailing list posting, the change is a single
 hard-coded value in videosource.cpp. Although their suggestion to raise
 the limit to 20 is arguably too high, my suggestion is that you raise the
 limit to 12 instead, since I've provided the URL of card that can record
 exactly that number.

 I would also suggest adding something to the setHelpText() call along the
 lines of:

 "Do not set this value above 5 unless you have both a fast CPU and fast
 SSD for recording."

 Although ideally, you want that in a warning dialogue if it's set above 5,
 but I don't know if you can do that.

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