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#10756: [PATCH i18n] Italian  translation
 Reporter:  morriscavestro@…     |          Owner:  knight
     Type:  Patch - Translation  |         Status:  closed
 Priority:  minor                |      Milestone:  0.26
Component:  Translations         |        Version:  Master Head
 Severity:  medium               |     Resolution:  Fixed
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Changes (by knight):

 * status:  assigned => closed
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 Hi Morris!

 Thank you very much for your work!

 You started with a MythFrontend translation that was around 1/3 completed
 and you have essentially fully completed it...

 I spotted a few things you might want to fix in your next update.

 You translated "%BUFFERAVAIL% of %BUFFERSIZE%Mb" into "%BUFFERAVAIL% of
 %BUFFERSIZE%Mb" (same text as in English) when I have a feeling you might
 have wanted to translate it into something like "%BUFFERAVAIL% di
 %BUFFERSIZE%Mb" (I could be wrong about that though...).

 You translated %DATE% into %DATA%. These words between percentage signs
 are actually replaced with information from elsewhere in the application
 and must not be translated. I fixed this in what I committed but you will
 want to fix this in your copy as well if you don't use what I have
 committed as a starting point for your next update.

 There are a few places where you left some English words in where I think
 you might not want to.


 %PLAYEDTIME% of %TOTALTIME%: You will most likely want to replace this
 with "%PLAYEDTIME% di %TOTALTIME%" (or something like that).

 %(|REMAININGTIME| remaining)%%(|BEHINDTIME| behind)%: Here you would want
 to translate the words "remaining" and "behind".

 behind)%: Idem (of has already been translated so only "remaining" and
 "behind" are left to translate)

 This is not an exhaustive list so there might be others... The easiest way
 to spot most of these is sort those strings in ascending order by clicking
 on the header.

 The following entries were marked as completed but were not translated (a
 problem most likely present before you started working on this

 Under DeviceTree
  - LNB

 If the translation for LNB is the same in Italian please press Ctrl-B to
 copy the original string in the translation and mark it as completed.

 Under QObject
 - c
 - N
 - V
 - M
 - F

 (those are RecStatusChar I belive, you might wish to use the same ones as
 in English or you can have your own)

 Still under QObject
 - Fiction
 - Football
 - Horror
 - M3U URL

 Under TV
 - (I)
 - (i)
 - (P)

 Under VideoSourceEditor
 - Edit...

 Once again thank you for your hard work and have a nice day!


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