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#10734: Dynamic Variable Evaluation for Power Search (Extension)
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Component:  MythTV - General  |        Version:  0.25
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Comment (by mmm1976@…):

 Okay, you are right with the filter. But as you already admitted, they are
 not customizable (yet?). And they can't be changed with a simple remote

 The extension I proposed is a quite generic approach which doesn't affect
 any user who doesn't know the feature extisted.

 I thought, there would be some people interested in something like this,
 because it also is possible to create custom rules like "record this show
 repeatedly only on the current {DAYNAME} and record with time slack of
 10min and ..." or "record this on {DAYOFWEEK} and {DAYOFWEEK}+1. I don't
 know, how static filters would work here and I can't imagine they are more
 easy. My approach is straight forward and explains itself. And it can be
 used for much more I haven't thought about yet.

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