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#10734: Dynamic Variable Evaluation for Power Search (Extension)
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Component:  MythTV - General  |        Version:  0.25
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Changes (by gigem):

 * status:  new => infoneeded_new


 This patch is unlikely to be accepted because I don't see any significant
 value over what can already be done using existing features.  I'm willing
 to listen, however, so I'm setting this ticket to infoneeded for now
 instead of closing it outright.

 First, have you tried the Find Daily rule type?  It was created
 specifically to record one showing of a program per day.  It can often be
 used as a simple way to handle programs that are on once a day with fuzzy
 start times.

 Second, do you know that custom rules have access to specific values from
 the recording rule?  For example, to match the title in a generic way, all
 you need to add is "program.title = RECTABLE.title".  "RECTABLE" should
 always be used in place of "record" for reasons that I won't elaborate on

 Third, if you find you're always using the exact same SQL clauses for most
 of your custom rules, you can add them as filters and then easily use them
 with regular rules.  Take a look at the standard filters.  They are
 essentially snippets of custom rules tat you can toggle on or off for
 individual rules.

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