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#10729: HTTP Live Streaming not following IETF standard
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 The aim of this ticket is to trac the various non-compliant inaccuracies
 in the generated M3U8 playlist

 Spec are taken from http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-pantos-http-live-

 #EXTINF tag:
    EXTINF is a record marker that describes the media file identified by
    the URI that follows it.  Each media file URI MUST be preceded by an
    EXTINF tag.  Its format is:


    "duration" is an integer that specifies the duration of the media
    file in seconds.  Durations SHOULD be rounded to the nearest integer.
    The remainder of the line following the comma is the title of the
    media file.

 Myth produces an entry like:

 that there is no title is fine, however there must be a trailing [,]
 You'll note in the IETF spec, that all examples have a trailing [,]

 Like so:

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