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Thu May 10 06:27:29 UTC 2012

#10710: MythMusic immediately play songs from playlist editor
 Reporter:  trebor_s@…   |           Type:  Patch - Feature
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Milestone:  unknown      |      Component:  Plugin - MythMusic
  Version:  Unspecified  |       Severity:  medium
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 I read about some usability complains on the mailing list. One issue is
 that the songs that were added from the playlist editor are not played
 immediately. The user had to go to the playlist, select the song and press

 Attached is a patch that adds new functionality. When the user is in the
 playlist editor screens and navigates through his collection he can now
 press PLAY. This will also add the albums or tracks to the playlist (same
 as pressing SELECT) but it will start playing the first of the newly added
 songs immediately.

 Robert S

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