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Sun May 6 21:02:34 UTC 2012

#10697: Mythvideo always starts in "/" root
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Component:  MythTV - Video Library  |        Version:  0.25-fixes
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 "mythvideo" is now integrated into the frontend, and just the Video
 Library.  Those settings in the frontend are deprecated, and due for
 removal.  Use the "Videos" storage group defined in mythtv-setup to allow
 the backend to serve the content to all connected frontends.

 All paths in the Video Library are stored and displayed relative to the
 path you defined for the storage group.  The only way you would be seeing
 anything different is if you were running in File Browse Mode (another
 option planned for removal), or you somehow have the old absolute paths in
 your database from an old version of MythVideo and need to rescan your
 content to refresh those paths.  In either case, this is a user
 configuration issue.

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