[mythtv-commits] Ticket #10695: [PATCH] libmythui: Fix a redraw bug in MythUIType

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Sun May 6 11:05:04 UTC 2012

#10695: [PATCH] libmythui: Fix a redraw bug in MythUIType
 Reporter:  Lawrence Rust <lvr@…>     |           Type:  Patch - Bug Fix
   Status:  new                       |       Priority:  minor
Milestone:  unknown                   |      Component:  MythTV - General
  Version:  Master Head               |       Severity:  medium
 Keywords:  keypress redraw tearfree  |  Ticket locked:  0
 While evaluating the ATI Catalyst driver 'TearFree Desktop' option I
 noticed that sometimes a keypress was apparently being held up until the
 time on the main menu was updated.  Initially I thought that this was a
 lirc or fglrx issue, but on investigation it turned out that
 MythMainWindow::animate was requesting updates for empty repaint regions.
 Delving further showed that MythUIType::Draw was resetting m_DirtyRegion
 to empty even if the clipRect was smaller, thus leaving unpainted regions.

 m_DirtyRegion may be extended by HandleMovementPulse, SetRedraw or
 SetChildNeedsRedraw etc AFTER GetDirtyArea is called. So when
 MythUIType::Draw is called, clipRect may not include the whole of

 This patch subtracts the Draw clipRect from m_DirtyRegion instead of
 simply emtying it.

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