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#10534: Delays in Wath-Recordings-Screen
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 As mentioned here before (see http://www.gossamer-
 threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/508788) there are issues with 0.25 taking
 much time to show the Wath-Recordings-Screen or to change the group

 1. As all possible strings are created in the beginning start up takes a
 lot of time on slow machines. A path for lazy string creation is being
 developed, see http://code.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/10161

 2. On some machines (even on fast ones) the creation of each strings takes
 very much time.

 Regarding the second issue there are some observations that changing the
 displayed Date-Time-Format could help.
 There are also some ideas that slow implementations of QDateTime are to

 On my system (Core i3, Xubuntu 11.10) I found the following behaviour:
 - Showing the Wath-Recordings-Screen or changing the group filter is
 extremly slow directly after starting mythfrontend (second issue)
 - Then I go to "Konfiguration->Erscheinungsbild" (probably
 configuration->appearence on englisch systems). Then save. It doesn't
 matter if anything is changed or not.
 - Then the theme gets reloaded (screen is flickering for less than a
 second and cursor jumps)
 - Now the Watch-Recordings-Screen is fast and stays fast until the
 frontend is quit.
 - If I restart the frontend it is slow again.

 So the timeformat doesn't seem to matter at all. But the reload of the
 theme seems to do some initialization which speeds up the string creation.
 Therefore it seems to be a mythtv-Bug.

 I attached the log of mythfrontend.
 As the file is very big I marked when I started the following steps:
 - Startup mythfrontend. Search for "Startup maythfrontend"
 - Go to Watch-Recordings-Screen. Search for "Go to Watch-Recordings-Screen
 1st time"
 - Change group filter. Search for "Change group filter 1st time"
 - Go through Appearance Setup pages. Search for "Go through Appearance
 Setup pages"
 - Go to Watch-Recordings-Screen. Search for "Go to Watch-Recordings-Screen
 2nd time"
 - Change group filter. Search for "Change group filter 2nd time"

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