[mythtv-commits] Ticket #10490: Commit 759fea8 breaks LiveTV transitions

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Fri Mar 30 18:10:27 UTC 2012

#10490: Commit 759fea8 breaks LiveTV transitions
 Reporter:  Peter Townsend <elpinkus@…>  |          Owner:  danielk
     Type:  Bug Report - General         |         Status:  infoneeded
 Priority:  minor                        |      Milestone:  0.25
Component:  MythTV - General             |        Version:  Master Head
 Severity:  medium                       |     Resolution:
 Keywords:                               |  Ticket locked:  0

Comment (by Peter Townsend <elpinkus@…>):

 Sorry about the delay, I haven't had the chance to test anything in the
 last couple of days.

 Updated to v0.25-rc-108-g5439b8b, just before your commits and no patches.
 Just being thorough. Found a program that was due to end in three minutes
 and playback froze and eventually dropped back to the menu right on

 Added 10490-debug.patch and rebuilt. 5-10s pauses every 30s, played a few
 minutes of live TV before dropping back to the menu. This line appeared in
 the backend log:

 2012-03-31 03:02:17.934408 E [12990/13073] DVBRead
 dvbstreamhandler.cpp:215 (RunTS) - DVBSH(/dev/dvb/adapter1/frontend0):
 Device EOF detected

 It appeared during the transition where the frontend exited to the menu
 and not during the earlier transitions where it only paused briefly.

 Removed 10490-debug.patch and applied 10490-debug-v2.patch. Live TV worked
 for about ten minutes, pausing briefly every 30 seconds, before the
 frontend exited to the menu with that same device EOF error on the
 backend. Again, it's only present at the point where the frontend exited.

 Looking at the logs I originally attached to this ticket, the device EOF
 line is in that backend log too. Googling the error turned up ticket
 #10453, FYI.

 I will build the latest git head with your commits tomorrow - it's 5am.

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