[mythtv-commits] Ticket #10490: Commit 759fea8 breaks LiveTV transitions

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Fri Mar 30 13:44:15 UTC 2012

#10490: Commit 759fea8 breaks LiveTV transitions
 Reporter:  Peter Townsend <elpinkus@…>  |          Owner:  danielk
     Type:  Bug Report - General         |         Status:  infoneeded
 Priority:  minor                        |      Milestone:  0.25
Component:  MythTV - General             |        Version:  Master Head
 Severity:  medium                       |     Resolution:
 Keywords:                               |  Ticket locked:  0
Changes (by danielk):

 * priority:  blocker => minor
 * status:  accepted => infoneeded


 commit [c3eaf781ca5cb6e95069063b77bee0e6a5e66de6]
 Author: Daniel Thor Kristjansson <dkristjansson at mythtv.org>
 Date:   Fri Mar 30 09:13:24 2012 -0400

     Refs #10490. At least a partial LiveTV startup fix.

     When we call FinishedRecording() early it appears to cause an extra
     file to be generated at least some of the time. I'm not exactly sure
     this happens, but calling FinishedRecording before the recording is
     is actually a bug itself. This fixes this in the case where I was able

     reproduce the problem Peter Townsend experienced. I also tried some
     LiveTV actions without seeing duplicate FinishedRecordings calls, but
     may have missed some code paths.

 commit [d0df4ce8ee416f3aa37bb04bc4be30b9cb2b8456]
 Author: Daniel Thor Kristjansson <dkristjansson at mythtv.org>
 Date:   Fri Mar 30 08:58:07 2012 -0400

     Refs #10490. Debugging fixes. Makes it easier to track which
 recordings are being started and stopped.

 Note I'm reducing the priority since I believe this is fixed. I'm not
 closing it as fixed since I don't have confirmation from the reporter
 and it is a pretty complicated interaction that causes the problem.

 Peter please report back on whether LiveTV is working for you.

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