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Thu Mar 29 19:43:01 UTC 2012

#9197: Danish EIT fixups are putting the description in the subtitle
 Reporter:  mk@…                  |          Owner:  stuartm
     Type:  Bug Report - General  |         Status:  accepted
 Priority:  minor                 |      Milestone:  0.26
Component:  MythTV - EIT          |        Version:  0.23.1
 Severity:  low                   |     Resolution:
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Changes (by stuartm):

 * milestone:  0.25 => 0.26


 I'm not going to get this fixed for 0.25, but I will backport to 0.25.1
 when I do. Right now it looks like the Danish providers are sticking
 longer than subtitle length descriptions in the 'short' event descriptors.

 Our EIT parser is at fault for treating these short descriptions as
 subtitles when they are anything but. There are other problems with
 treating the short even descriptor (max 255 char) as subtitle (max 128
 char). The EIT spec makes no stipulation that the short event descriptor
 should contain an episode name, just a short description of the programme.

 Fixing this means possibly breaking it for some networks which just happen
 to put the episode name in the subtitle field. We'd need to write proper
 fixups for those locations at the same time.

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