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Wed Mar 28 12:51:50 UTC 2012

#10521: Frontend services api not responding as expected
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 I'm using the new Services API to write a remote control application and
 there is an issue with the SendAction API when trying to enter a Parental
 PIN in MythVideo, ie


 will bring up the window to enter the parental PIN, but, after entering
 the PIN and entering Action=DOWN it appears to enter the text DOWN in the
 PIN field, rather than moving the focus down to the OK button. (I can't be
 sure of what is being entered in the field as it is masked, but
 Action=DOWN enters 4 characters and Action=UP enters 2 characters)

 I've tried this with the Mythbuntu and Terra themes and both have the

 Also, when in the setup screens the Frontend API doesn't seem to respond
 at all to the SendAction API, you have to use a physical keyboard to
 navigate around.

 LEt me know if there are any logs for the Frontend API that I can send to
 help with this.

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