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#10510: HLS of content from Video SG broken
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 Somewhere in the bast few months, HLS streaming of content from the Videos
 SG has been broken.  The backend allows the creation of the HLS Job (URL
 constructed automatically with the information provided by the backend
 itself) but then hangs forever on "Starting."

 Log enclosed.  The issue appears to be one of hostname case sensitivity--
 the relevant log section is:

 2012-03-25 22:56:20.066794 E  RemoteFile::openSocket(control socket):
 Could not connect to server holmes:6543
 2012-03-25 22:56:20.066815 E
 FileRingBuf(myth://Videos@holmes/Avatar.m2ts): RingBuffer::RingBuffer():
 Failed to open remote file (myth://Videos@holmes/Avatar.m2ts)

 The output of the "hostname" command on the BE is "Holmes."  Something in
 the remotefile/socket code has changed in the past several months such
 that the case difference is no longer allowed-- the options are threefold:

 1) change the video scanner to insert the proper case (this hasn't
 mattered in the past)
 2) Fix the remotefile to not care about case again
 3) 1 and 2

 Regardless, anyone with mixed-case backend hostnames will likely find HLS
 non-functional for video content at the moment.

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