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Sun Mar 25 08:32:33 UTC 2012

#10500: mythutil --scanvideos does not update database
 Reporter:  yiannividalis@…         |          Owner:  wagnerrp
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Comment (by yiannividalis@…):

 Today I performed the following test on the SB:

 The folders I tested belong to the SB.
 I moved a Series folder (Shaka Zulu) outside the videos storage group and
 ran "mythutil --scanvideos". The series was removed from the frontend.

 When I moved it back where it was before and re-ran mythutil, in
 mythfrontend I could see the Series Title correctly, but it had created
 only one episode, from another series. The correct episode was S01E10 and
 it had the title and description of another file of another series (the
 first alphabetically series in the folder - BlackAdder).

 I removed the series around 11:13
 I added it back around 11:15.
 I have edited the log to replace the Greek messages back to English, but
 I've left alone the Greek folder/file names. Unknown characters are not
 Greek, the program tries to translate to Greek and fails.

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