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#10506: threading/timing/logging-problem wath-recordings-screen
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 With 0.24 there had been no noticeable delays at all when playing in the
 wath recordings screen. (Core i3, about 4000 recordings)
 Since I updated to 0.25 there are delays everytime I change the recording
 group (and when entering the watch recordings screen):

 Changing the recording group takes about 1 second per 100 recordings in
 the group I change into. During this time mythfrontend seems to be dead.

 When entering the watch recordings screen the clock is runnning for a very
 short time then it stops for about 40s before I see the all recordings

 There are no logging entries.

 I suppose this is a threading/timing problem with the new logging: One
 thread waits for another one until cathed by a timeout because of the
 following observations:

 Sometimes (very rare) there is no delay at all

 Sometimes there is a much longer delay (minutes)

 Sometimes there is a delay after deleting a record.

 When entering wath-recordings-screen the harddisks work and the mouse
 pointer reacts during the very short time the clock is running. Sometimes
 there is some logging (which doesn't belong to the recordings screen but
 something like housekeeping, start of a recording and so on.). In the
 second (long) part of the waiting time the screen isn't updated any
 longer. This means one can see the stopped clock and no mouse pointer.
 When jumping to another window and then back to mythfrontend there is only
 the background of the theme. I have never observed any logging during this
 period, either, but many logging entries at the same time when the delay
 is over.

 During this time mythbackend (despite logging) works normal: Recordings
 and jobs go on as usual.

 The problem doesn't exist in mytharchive's choose-recordings-screen.

 Maybe the UI thread is waiting for the logging thread?

 There is a similar problem with mythtv-setup which may have a similar

 - Choose a video source.
 - Logging says:
 Locking input devices
 XMLTVConfig::Load: Running 'tv_find_grabbers baseline'.

 - screen is not updated for 26 seconds and no logging entries during this
 - screen shows properties of video source and the following logging-
 entries appear:
 Child PID 15543 killed with Beendet
 XMLTVConfig::Load: Failed to run tv_find_grabbers
 Unlocking input devices

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