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Thu Mar 22 20:04:41 UTC 2012

#10493: Mythbackend 0.25 keeps tuners/recordings going after quit
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 I updated my 0.24 pvr to 0.25 today and i found a nasty bug in 0.25

 Background : I use iptv (m3u file) and have around 7 tuners created ..6
 for recordings and 1 for free livetv

 After my upgrade the first time i went into livetv i had a black screen
 and after xxx seconds i was thrown back to the menu.. In the past this
 would happen and i got a error saying that he couldn't buffer etc. so i
 wasn't alarmed and just thought.. he beta.. this could be the same ignore
 it.. So pressed the livetv again and voila there the livetv was..

 So i played a littlebit with the new setup.. went to the epg to see if the
 crash problem that i had was fixed.. and it looked like everything was ok
 there.. so i programmed some new recordings.. ans looked in the recordings
 and there they where.. so far so good i thought.. Nice update..;) I
 deleted the recordings(while they still where recording) because it was
 just testing..

 But then it came.. I thought lets get back to livetv and for some reason i
 couldn't get in.. I thought that is strange.. So i looked around in log
 etc. and found out that for a strange reason all my tuners where still
 busy.. BUT mythbackend/frontend was saying they were free..
 So i looked at my storage area to see what the last files where that were
 created.. maybe there was something there.. And there it was.. The last
 files where still growing.. and lsof was saying mythbackend was the one
 using it..

 So i restarted the backend and confirmed that there were no files in use
 anymore.. and it wasn't.. So i started a livetv again and it was running
 great and the storage area file was created and growing... But when i
 stopped the livetv.. the file kept growing again.. So i started a livetv
 again.. and there it was a second file was created and that was growing
 also.. including the first one.. To be sure there were no recordings going
 on i check the fronted recording again.. and it wasn't..

 So to test my theory i started livetv again to see if a 3th file would be
 created.. and yes it was and still the first 2 were growing larger and
 larger.. To test allitlebit more i started a recording from an epg and
 deleted it again.. mythtv/recording was empty but the file was there and
 growing.. So now i had 4 files growing and nothing was beeing used on the

 I was curious and started livetv 3 times more.. and there it was 7 files
 growing.. info center saying tuners are free and everything else failing..
 no more livetv possible etc..

 To stop the process i restarted the backend again and all files were
 released again.

 I did they above 3 times more and every time i had the same outcome..

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