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#10489: recording doesn't record when watching live tv on same tuner
     Reporter:  Ronald Frazier <ron@…>           |      Owner:  danielk
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    Component:  MythTV - Recording               |    Version:  Master Head
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 Since upgrading to master I've had several recordings fail to record.
 Today I was able to verify the cause. When you are watching live tv on a
 tuner and a scheduled recording is about to start on that tuner, the box
 pops up asking whether you want to cancel the recording, watch it while it
 records, or go back to the menu and let it record. If you choose to watch
 it while it records, the channel changes as expected and the new program
 begins playing. However, if you then exit out of livetv to the main menu,
 the recording stops. If you go into the watch recordings screen, the
 program only appears in the livetv group, and only contains the segment
 that you were watching live. However, there is also a second copy of the
 recording that is a zero byte file that myth thinks is recording.

 If you look at the recording history screen while the program is supposed
 to be recording, it reports the the program is recording. However, if you
 look at the tuner status, you can see that the tuner is not recording.

 So it would appear to me that the extra zero byte recording is throwing
 off the recording process and it's not following the sequence properly the
 way live tv does.

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