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Wed Mar 21 17:30:26 UTC 2012

#10252: Mac OS X menu bar, dock, and mouse not hidden if GUI size nonzero
 Reporter:  dgatwood <dgatwood@…>        |          Owner:  nigel
     Type:  Bug Report - General         |         Status:  assigned
 Priority:  trivial                      |      Milestone:  unknown
Component:  Ports - OSX                  |        Version:  0.24.1
 Severity:  low                          |     Resolution:
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Comment (by dgatwood <dgatwood@…>):

 As I understand it (and this is from distant memory, so I may be wrong),
 Mac OS X automatically hides the dock and menu bar if you create a window
 and make it be a full-screen window at the appropriate level (above the
 dock).  This only works if it is actually a full-screen window,
 however—that is, if the window starts at the upper left corner and extends
 to the lower right.

 I *think* the problem is that MythTV, when you add overscan compensation,
 actually reduces the size of the window that it creates.  It is thus no
 longer a full-screen window, so Mac OS X no longer hides the dock and menu
 bar automatically.  At least that's the way it acts.

 I can see two relatively easy ways to fix the problem:

 1.  Add a full-screen black masking window behind the main drawing window,
 at a level greater than NSDockWindowLevel/kCGDockWindowLevel and less than
 your actual main window, sized to fit the screen without overscan
 2.  Instead of shrinking the drawing window itself, create a smaller
 subwindow inside the main window (based on the overscan-compensated size)
 and draw inside that.

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