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#10252: Mac OS X menu bar, dock, and mouse not hidden if GUI size nonzero
 Reporter:  dgatwood <dgatwood@…>        |          Owner:  nigel
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Component:  Ports - OSX                  |        Version:  0.24.1
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 1. OS X code never did anything with the dock. (except in the Full Screen
 output module, which is a layer above the menu bar, dock, UI desktop
 picture, et c.) If you want the dock to be hidden, set it to hide in Mac
 OS? ("System Preferences" -> Dock -> "Automatically hide and show the
 2. The Mac output code was written assuming either Full Screen, or "one
 Window among the rest of your active apps" usage. Attaching to a TV that
 has overscan was never implemented. I would have thought that any display
 that overscanned would chop the menu bar off in its bezel, but I guess
 that is a bad assumption :-(
 Two easy options - either always hide the Menu Bar when Appearance -> "Use
 window border" is off, or always hide it when the GUI Y offset is less
 than 22 pixels? e.g. undo https://github.com/MythTV/mythtv/commit/6116efda
 and augment the 'd->does_fill_screen' conditionals.

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