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#10448: Updated Polish translations for all modules
 Reporter:  warpme@…             |          Owner:  knight
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Changes (by knight):

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 Hi Warpme!

 Replying to [ticket:10448 warpme@…]:
 > BTW: There are warnings reported by QT Linguist - but for me it looks
 like Linguist bug.

 Actually Qt Linguist is quite right on quite a few of them... I have
 taken, randomly, a few examples...

 e.g. in MythFrontend

 "Result of this filter : %n video(s)"

 was translated as

 Singular: "Wynik filtrowania: %1 flmów"

 For this Qt Linguist reports:

 "Translation does not refer to the same place marker as in the source
 "Translation does not contain the necessary %n place marker."

 which is right..

 - You get

 "Translation does not refer to the same place marker as in the source

 because you replaced in the original text the %n marker (which represents
 the number of videos in this case) with %1 which, for this sentence, means
 nothing so this translation will not give the expected result.

 (%n is used to deal with plurals, %1 (%2, etc...) are used to fill in
 value passed by the program in a string.)

 - You get

 "Translation does not contain the necessary %n place marker."

 because you only filled in the singular translation, not the pauscal and
 plural ones which absolutely need to be filled in if you want the
 translation of that sentence to work correctly...

 Qt Linguist is complaining because it doesn't find the %n place marker in
 the pauscal and plural translation (because they are empty) which is why
 it complains.

 You also get warnings for differences in punctuations like these:

 "Choose a satellite position."

 was translated into

 "Wybież pozycję satelitarną"

 which has no "." (period) at the end like the original sentence.

 Unless you have a good reason to remove it it's usually preferable to keep
 the original text punctuation (with, of course, the necessary adjustments
 for your language).

 Qt Linguist can give you some harmless messages when you add periods to
 indicate a word has been abbreviated and it was not present in the
 original text or when the original text had a "&" (ampersand) in it
 because they are given a special meaning under some circumstances (which
 don't apply to MythTV) but the rest should not be easily discarded.

 Warpme, could you please check two things for me:

 - Did you send me the right files? You mention that MythFrontend should be
 almost fully translated while the MythFrontend file I received is around
 60% translated (2720 translated/4667 total)?

 - Which version of Qt Linguist are you using? I'm beginning to think you
 don't see the pauscal and plural translation fields because none of them
 are filled in and I have a feeling that's because your Qt Linguist might
 not show them to you...

 (Somebody else had a similar problem recently because he was using an old
 Qt3 Qt Linguist (his PC had both Qt3 and Qt4 and unfortunately the wrong
 one was used).)

 The first problem (a lower number of translation than expected) could
 possibly be caused by an old Qt Linguist too...

 Please let me know if you want me to commit these as is or want to
 resubmit new patches...
 If you need any help you can ping me on IRC (knightr) or by email (IRC is
 usually safer though... (-; ).

 By the way, please never submit QMs, these take up unnecessary space on
 Trac and I always regenerate them anyway (and quite possibly not with the
 same arguments than the ones you used).

 Have a nice day!


 PS: By the way, thank you for the note on ticket #10433.

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