[mythtv-commits] Ticket #10457: mythtv-setup segfaults when run over SSH -Y

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Thu Mar 15 05:19:29 UTC 2012

#10457: mythtv-setup segfaults when run over SSH -Y
 Reporter:  Peter Townsend <elpinkus@…>          |           Type:  Bug
   Status:  new                                  |  Report - Crash
Milestone:  unknown                              |       Priority:  minor
  Version:  Master Head                          |      Component:  MythTV
 Keywords:                                       |  - General
                                                 |       Severity:  medium
                                                 |  Ticket locked:  0
 My backend system is headless so I run mythtv-setup over SSH if I need to
 make changes with ssh -Y. That worked a month or two ago, but is now
 segfaulting. The background appears for a moment before crashing. The same
 thing occurs when attempting to run mythfrontend.

 Incidentally, these last lines in the log file:

 2012-03-15 15:42:38.049326 I  Using Full Screen Window
 2012-03-15 15:42:38.673228 I  Trying the OpenGL painter

 still appear when running mythfrontend -w -O ThemePainter=qt and the crash
 still occurs.

 Currently running v0.25-beta-104-g1399a9c.

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