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#10444: Power Search inactive flag not being inherited by results
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Comment (by gigem):

 Pardon me for being pedantic here, but you are seriously misusing some
 terminology and that is doing nothing but confuse me.

 A recording rule matches programs to consider for recording.  A recording
 rules does NOT create recordings.

 A matched program has a recording status that indicates whether or not a
 program will be or was recorded and if not, why not.  A program does NOT
 have an active flag.

 A recording rule has an inactive flag that influences whether or not
 matched programs are recorded.  If the flag is not set, matched programs
 will not be recorded and their recording status will (usually) be "x" or

 If the scheduler determines that a matched program should be recorded, it
 will be given a recording status of "<card number" or "Will Record."  When
 the program starttime arrives, the scheduler will direct a recorder to
 record the matched program.  Then, and only then, is a recording created.

 Like a matched program, a recording has a recording status.  It does NOT
 have an active flag.  While a recording is being created, it and the
 matched program will have a recording status of "<card number>" or
 "Recording."  Afterwards, they will have a recording status that is
 usually "R" or "Recorded."

 Before a matched program or recording ends, its recording status is shown
 on the Upcoming Recordings screen.  After a matched program or recording
 starts, its recording status is also shown on the Previously Recorded

 Now, as I said earlier, all I see is the expected behavior where a program
 matching an inactive recording rule is not recorded and is shown with
 recording status of x/Inactive.

 If you do not see this behavior too, then please give me detailed, step by
 step instructions using only mythfrontend on how you produce the problem.
 Please include screen shots of the Upcoming Recordings screen from before
 and during a matched program and of the Previously Recorded screen during
 and after a matched program.  Also, please provide screnn shots of every
 page of the schedule editor.

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