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#10444: Power Search inactive flag not being inherited by results
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Comment (by brian@…):

 Replying to [comment:3 gigem]:
 > Before an inactive program

 I am not referring to an inactive specific "program" recording.  I am
 referring to a recording that is scheduled via a power search (i.e.
 /tv/schedules/custom in mythweb or
 http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Custom_Recording) that has the inactive flag
 set.  Specifically I am using the Premieres and Pilots power search.

 > What version are you running?


 > Are you using mythweb?

 Yes, but that's orthogonal really, as I'm just using it to view the
 results of the search, which has been in place for probably a year or two
 now, but only just recently has the inactive status of the recordings it's
 scheduling changed.

 > Perhaps there is a bug in mythweb in handling inactive recording rules.

 Well, mythweb doesn't really do any scheduling itself.  It just shows the
 settings of rules and the resulting recordings.  It's the scheduler that
 is not carrying the inactive flag from the custom recording rule to the
 resulting scheduled recordings.

 > Are you sure you don't have another recording rule that is not set as
 inactive and matches the same programs?

 Yes, positive.  There are way too many matches that are all active for
 there to be any other rules matching them.  Additionally, when I view the
 details of a program that will be recorded by that rule the Search Phrase
 in the extended information screen shows the same phrase as the custom
 recording rule.

 I will attach a mythfrontend screenshot of the custom recording rule I am

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