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#10431: 0.25 Can't Handle Multiple Simultaneous Recordings
 Reporter:  Scott <snharris99@…>     |           Type:  Bug Report -
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 When trying to record more than one program at once via HdHomeRun units,
 the recordings become increasingly unwatchable with each additional
 simultaneous recording.  For example, one recording is perfect, two
 recordings can be watched but the corruption is annoying, three and four
 recordings are unwatchable and the recording may even fail or not be
 playable at all.

 The recordings have frequent periods of extreme artifacting and the audio
 becomes a metallic "buzz".  Once two simultaneous recordings is surpassed,
 recordings may even start to fail completely or playback will not work.

 This behavior is consistent (happens every single time) in all 0.25 setups
 I have tried; a single FE/BE laptop test environment with a fresh install
 of Mythbuntu 11.10 using Mythbuntu 0.25 repos. Also in a production setup
 (2 BEs, 4 FEs) on Mythbuntu 10.04 upgraded to from 0.24 to 0.25 via
 Mythbuntu 0.25 repos.

 The behavior is not present when trying similar tests with 0.24.x on any
 of these setups.  On the production setup I can record up to 8 recordings
 at once with 4 commercial detection jobs going and the recordings are
 nearly flawless.

 Specs for the laptop:
 Dual core Pentium
 4GB memory
 single SSD hard drive for OS, DB, recordings, etc

 Spec for production BE:
 Core2 Dual
 6GB memory
 1 individual SATA drive for OS
 5 individual SATA drives for recordings
 1 individual SSD drive for DB
 Myth scheduler set to "combination"

 The production setup has since be rolled back to 0.24.x due to the
 inability to record more than one show at a time, however current version
 of mythbackend for the laptop is attached.

 I am not sure what logs or logging options (or with the changes to logging
 in 0.25, how to grab them) would help, but I am quite happy to run with
 any options requested and post any output requested to help.

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