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Thu Mar 8 14:19:21 UTC 2012

#10418: Commit 293175a breaks mythfrontend
 Reporter:  yiannividalis@…            |          Owner:  wagnerrp
     Type:  Bug Report - Crash         |         Status:  closed
 Priority:  minor                      |      Milestone:  0.25
Component:  MythTV - General           |        Version:  Master Head
 Severity:  medium                     |     Resolution:  Duplicate
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Changes (by wagnerrp):

 * status:  assigned => closed
 * resolution:   => Duplicate


 There are only two potential ways this could cause a crash.  That socket
 is only ever used in a single place in the code, in RAOP to request a
 resend from a client, which would occur if there is too much line traffic
 and UDP data was lost.  There is nothing in the logs to indicate you have
 RAOP enabled, and it's highly unlikely you were able to set up a
 connection and flood the link to trigger the bug before the asynchronous
 logger has a chance to indicate such.

 That leaves the second way, where instead of NULL, m_udpSend was left as
 some random value.  As the frontend shut itself down, it tried to delete
 an object at that random address, and was terminated with a segmentation
 fault.  This is the same problem you were having in #10405, and the reason
 I left that ticket open when you claimed it was resolved.  MythTV is still
 shutting itself down for some reason, but because the logger is
 asynchronous, the application segfaults before the logger has a chance to
 actually record what went wrong.

 If MythTV is no longer crashing, but instead cleanly closing, please paste
 new logs to #10405, so we can attempt to figure out why it is closing
 itself on startup in the first place.

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