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#10414: Bad Recordings - Choppy Playback
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 I've been troubleshooting some bad recording issues on .25 for the
 past few days and haven't been able to figure out the issue.  I have
 two HDHR & one HD Prime.  Seven total tuners.  Whenever I record more
 than one or two shows, the logs (with -v record) will output tons of
 the following messages.

 2012-03-01 23:45:16.849449 W [7383/7464] HDHRStreamHandler
 dtvrecorder.cpp:1301 (ProcessAVTSPacket) - DTVRec(3): A/V PID 0x800
 discontinuity detected ((1+1)%16!=6)  0.03%

 And the recordings end up in horrible shape.   There doesn't seem to
 be any other mythtv activity around when the errors start/stop (they
 come in clumps it seems).

 So far, I've validated that the cable feed is good, that I can watch
 all the tuners fine through the HD config GUI, and that I can stream
 four at a time to my mythtv BE using VLC without a single hiccup.  But
 when I try to record in Myth, it falls apart.

 Also, CPU usage is extremely high recording from HDHR devices.  I'm
 recording four tunners and mythbackend is running at 193% (AMD
 Phenom(tm) II X4 960T Processor).

 I upgraded to Fedora 16 hoping for some relief, but it did not help.  At
 this point I've rolled back to .24.  I will attempt to upgrade to .25
 again when I have some time to investigate further.  Please let me know
 what further data I can provide.  I've attached a log from a couple of
 days ago when I last tested .25.

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