[mythtv-commits] Ticket #10410: Provide processor feature-set (instruction-set-extensions) support via USE-flags

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Mon Mar 5 16:55:19 UTC 2012

#10410: Provide processor feature-set (instruction-set-extensions) support via USE-
 Reporter:  kripton@…               |           Type:  Bug Report - General
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Milestone:  unknown                 |      Component:  Packaging
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 I try to build a Gentoo-based system using MyhtTV in a virtual-machine
 (VirtualBox) on an AMD Phenom II X6-based host. Later, I'll copy the
 system to the actual target which is a Celeron-M based on the PentiumIII
 (Coppermine). The target CPU only supports MMX and SSE. The host CPU
 supports much more (SSE2, SSE3, ...) and MythTV's build system (I use the
 ebuilds from https://github.com/MythTV/packaging/tree/master/Gentoo)
 detects the CPU's features at compile-time. On the target, mythfrontend
 gets killed with SIGILL (Illegal instruction).
 Either MythTV should use run-time CPU detection (quite some work to
 implement) or the ebuilds should have USE-flags to hard-force the
 instruction set extensions that the target-processor supports (Not so much
 work, there are many ebuilds in the official tree that do so and since you
 have the configure-options anyways...)

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