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#10407: Jump point redesign
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 This ticket tracks the various issues related to re-implementing jump

 The current implementation sends an explicit Escape key event to the top
 screen.  Its handler is expected to check IsJumpingToMain(), do any
 cleanup action, and cooperatively pass the event to the next screen until
 the Main Menu is reached.  This requires full and active cooperation
 everywhere, and if any component fails to test for an in-progress jump
 point, the jump point execution will stall/stop at that point.

 See http://code.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/7939#comment:13 for a pointer to
 the suggested approach: "iterate down the stacks closing screens until we
 reach the main menu."  However, each screen needs the opportunity to
 execute cleanup/destructor code, e.g. the cutlist editor should cleanly
 leave edit mode.

 Workarounds in place in #7322 and #8250 - explicit handling of Escape
 keypress while IsExitingToMain().  #7939 sends an EXIT_TO_MAIN event,
 which a TV object receives and acts on do to cleanup, which is a step in
 the right direction.

 #9537 shows more issues in the current design.

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