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Sun Mar 4 14:46:02 UTC 2012

#10406: MythMusic configuration fails when using --disable-all
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 The new mythplugins configuration scripts introduced in
 breaks the configuration of MythMusic when used in conjunction with

 I pass `--disable-all --enable-mythmusic` to `mythplugins/configure` in
 order to disable all plugins except the ones I explicitly wish to enable.
 adds the MythMusic's dependencies to the `$CONFIG_LIST` variable and then
 makes an assumption that the values are `enabled` during the checks for
 MythMusic's dependencies, by only calling `disable` upon the dependencies
 if there are not fulfilled. However, this assumption is currently
 incorrect as `--disable-all` executes:
     `disable $PLUGIN_LIST $CONFIG_LIST`
 which disables `taglib`, `vorbis`, `flac`, and `mp3lame` and then the
 MythMusic checks leave them disabled despite the checks being fulfilled.

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