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#9447: MacOS X - Qt binaries log spam
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Comment (by mythtv@…):

 Hi Nigel,

 No problem.

 The `dvbdescriptors.cpp` changes are key, without them Qt will not detect
 the presence of a `qt.conf` file and will not modify its paths
 accordingly. I entirely understand your reticence over this change,
 perhaps you could get someone more familiar with the `dvbdescriptors.cpp`
 code to review/make it?

 `libqgif.dylib` and `libqjpeg.dylib` are not the only Qt plugins required.
 We are definitely using the text codecs, which live beneath `.osx-
 packager/build/plugins/codecs`. I am unsure as to whether any other
 plugins are required; But I would suggest the drawbacks associated with
 the possibility of someone introducing new code that requires the services
 of hitherto unused plugins outweighs any potential benefits associated
 with not including them all within the application bundles.

 Any plugins we do load must be processed by `osx-bundler.pl` in order to
 have the references to the Qt dynamic libraries that are embedded within
 them rewritten from pointing to the Qt libraries in `.osx-
 packager/build/lib` so that they point to the libraries within
 `<app_bundle>/Contents/Resources`. Failure to do this results in the
 application, which has been processed by `osx-bundler.pl`, loading
 `<app_bundle>/Contents/Resources/qtcore.dylib`, then later a plugin which
 references `.osx-packager/build/lib/qtcore.dylib`. The dynamic linker does
 not understand that these are the same libraries and therefore loads two
 copies of `qtcore.dylib` into memory. Resulting in two sets of global
 variables, Qt threads running, etc. which ultimately leads to lots of log
 spam and probably some form a application crash.

 The presence of an empty `<app_bundle>/Contents/Resources/qt.conf` in an
 application bundle containing Qt libraries when `QLibraryInfo` is
 initialised after `QCoreApplication` causes Qt to adjust its default paths
 as described in [[https://qt-project.org/doc/qt-4.8/qt-conf.html|Using
 qt.conf]]. Having reviewed it I realise that I have not validated that the
 plugins copied to `<app_bundle>/Contents/Resources/plugins` by my changes
 to `osx-packager.pl` are actually being loaded. All I have validated is
 that the changes to `dvbdescriptors.cpp` are required to get Qt to
 recognise the presence of `<app_bundle>/Contents/Resources/qt.conf` and
 that with a `qt.conf` present, Qt will not load the plugins from `.osx-
 packager/build/plugins` therefore preventing the log spam/crash.

 Re-reading the [[https://qt-project.org/doc/qt-4.8/qt-conf.html|qt.conf]]
 documentation suggests that we both may be wrong. I now believe that the
 plugins should all be placed beneath `<app_bundle>/Contents/MacOS/plugins`
 (i.e. the image format plugins belong beneath
 `<app_bundle>/Contents/MacOS/plugins/imageformats`), because
 `<app_bundle>/Contents/MacOS` is the equivalent of
 `QCoreApplication::applicationDirPath()`? But we can put the plugins
 wherever we wish as long as we add a `Plugins = <directory>` entry beneath
 the `[Paths]` section within the `qt.conf` file.

 Indeed `Syscall("touch $res/qt.conf")` would probably suffice, my proposal
 is based upon a combination of “''when in Perl, do as Perl''” and the fact
 that we may wish to actually write some information into the `qt.conf`
 file in the future (e.g. customise the `Plugins` path).



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