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#9447: MacOS X - Qt binaries log spam
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                                                 |  0.24-fixes
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Changes (by jyavenard):

 * owner:  nigel => jyavenard
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 I'm almost done with the rewrite.
 The new code let you compile in all mac supported architecture, as well as
 full universal (32/64) or Intel/PPC whatever

 The error about Qt loading to set of libraries is due to a bug still
 existing in Qt 4.8
 which I've logged into QTBUG-24541. Even if you properly set a qt.conf, it
 won't read it.
 Note that the patch I've provided in QTBUG-24541 isn't sufficient to fully
 fix the problem. There's another problem in which the running directory
 isn't properly calculated, so the relative path put in qt.conf do not work

 Basically, Qt always ignores the Qt plugins found in the application
 bundle, even if a qt.conf file was properly corrected.
 So what occurs is that the MythFrontend application is loaded, then Qt
 loads the plugins found in the Qt system directory or wherever it was
 first installed. As this has dependencies on the set of Qt libraries
 outside the bundle, they too are loaded and you end up with some
 Usually it crashes.

 There are currently only three ways to fix it.
 1- Move where the original Qt were stored (if using osx-packager.pl it
 will be .osx-packager)
 2- Set an environment variable: export
 Where ~/Work/mythtv is the installation where the MythFrontend.app is
 3-In MythFrontend.app/Content/MacOs create a link to ../Resources/Plugins

 The best is to start it from the command line with
 QT_PLUGIN_PATH=`pwd` MythFrontend.app/Content/MacOs/MythFrontend

 It's not pretty :(

 If you apply the patch I posted in QTBUG-24541
 You could created a qt.conf file in:

 containing the following info:
 Prefix = /Home/Users/jyavenard/Work/mythtv/MythFrontend.app/Content
 Plugins = Plugins

 no more crash after that...

 I have resolved most of the issues in the new packager, you still get the
 warning, but nowhere near as bad, and more importantly:
 it doesn't crash

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