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#10824: Modal dialog box prevents viewing of recorded programs
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 The distro is Mythbuntu (i.e. a packaged system).

 I'll submit the bug to them but therein lies the rub.  MythTV points the
 finger at the OS and the OS guys will probably point the finger back at
 MythTV.  Nobody wants to take responsibility for the problem.

 When I write applications that run on top of Linux or an OS from some evil
 empire, if this kind of behavior happens, my users expect me to take care
 of it.  I don't send a message to the evil empire and say, "Your OS does
 this stupid b.s."  They'd probably laugh at me.  And, I don't tell the
 users that they made a bad choice of operating systems so they should fix
 it themselves.  They'd definitely get a different software engineer.
 Instead, I figure out how to fix it and then work around it or whatever it

 For example, MythTV, being aware of the fact that Ubuntu has this bad
 behavior, and being aware that Mythbuntu, a pre-built bundle of MythTV and
 Ubuntu (i.e. everything you need to set up a working product) is very
 common, could take steps to disable this feature of the OS at startup.
 Sure its a feature of the OS but MythTV looks bad when it happens.

 If your goal is to simply close bugs quickly, leave it closed.  If your
 goal is to make a more usable product, maybe you could figure out how to
 convince the OS that it shouldn't be so obtrusive.

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