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#10801: Video screenshot images don't load under certain conditions
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Component:  MythTV - Video Library  |        Version:  0.25-fixes
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 I'm seeing this on 2 different frontends (One linux, one Mac), but I've
 also tried clearing the theme cache on both however this didn't change

 I've attached 2 different logs, the first showing when the screenshots
 don't load, the 2nd showing when they do.

 From what I can see on the 1st one, there's doesn't actually appear to be
 a request for the screenshot, it just asks for the coverfile for
 repeatedly for each episode in the directory. This means there is no error
 when trying to load it. The same image works fine on the combined
 backend/frontend where the files are hosted.
 The files in this instance are located 2 levels down from the storage
 group root: /mythdata/video/TV/Better Off Ted/Season 1/*.avi

 In the 2nd log, you can see a FILEQUERY being performed for each item in
 the directory
 The files this time are located only 1 directory level down from the
 storage group root: /mythdata/video/TV/jPod/*.avi

 I've compared the screenshots entries in the DB and they appear to be the
 same other than the filenames, so the problem doesn't appear to be there.

 Could it possibly be because I have 2 Video storage group entries
 (/mythdata/video/TV and /mythdata/video/Movies)?

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