[mythtv-commits] mythtv annotated tag v0.25.1 updated by stuartm. v0.25.1

Git Repo Owner noreply at mythtv.org
Mon Jun 4 13:30:38 UTC 2012

The annotated tag, v0.25.1 has been updated on the
mythtv repository by gitolite user stuartm.
        to  4c30a85800d0e0a68912d7c6720df1842b0562cd (tag)
      from  c6738eaa2a318f7dcb7bd8ab6925ce9821bc487f (which is now obsolete)
   tagging  c2c276d2053db180730e955999cb6ab25251152c (commit)
  replaces  v0.25
 tagged by  Stuart Morgan
        on  Mon Jun 4 14:30:35 2012 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tagging release 0.25.1

Alex Halovanic (2):
      Fixes #10618 - serve xslt files as text/xml
      Internet Content: Correct blip.tv search URL

Bryan ? (1):
      Fix the media monitor unmounting blu-ray discs after insertion, we need them to be mounted in order to play them. Fixes #10759

Chris Pinkham (1):
      Remove the broken "Expire in deleted order" setting.

Daniel Kristjansson (9):
      Update PROJECT_NUMBER to 0.25
      Changes VideoOutput::CalcHueBase() to return 50% by default.
      Disable picture controls with Intel XVideo overlay adaptor.
      Provide GetNodeValue(.. const char*) implementation.
      Fixes #10541. Fix EIT scanning deadlock.
      Remove zoom on MythCenter-wide popups.
      Fix segfault in manual record when there are no recordable channels defined.
      Up MythCenter version # after [2100712e].
      Refs #10771. Revert "Fixes #10541. Fix EIT scanning deadlock."

Daniel Thor Kristjansson (4):
      Fixes #10668. Fixes segfault in mythtranscode use of DTVRecorder.
      Rework RecorderBase::AspectChange() so it can't cause divide by zero.
      Explicitly set SRT Writer codec to UTF-8
      Fix some XDS parsing.

David Engel (3):
      Revert "Fix editing inetref/season/episode from the PBB."
      Fix updating of metadata info in RecordingRule.
      Fix typo in ProgramInfo::ToMap()

Gary Buhrmaster (1):
      Fix a clang-related compile issue

Gavin Hurlbut (8):
      Tweak logging around Commercial Skip -> Cutlist copying
      Fixed the version file
      Convert the use of player_ctx in mythtranscode to QPointer<>
      Make mythfilldatabase calls put user-provided args last
      Run git status before git describe to clear false dirties
      Add more debug logs in the DataDirect and MythDLMgr code
      Log the Qt version on startup
      Fix destroyMainWindow when gCoreContext is not created yet

Ian Dall (1):
      Fix PlaybackSock::GetMaxBitrate protocol usage.

Ilkka Tengvall (1):
      Backport of c4b33d30185eb4f5396a7c0c67b507371c7506c7/mythtv:

Jean-Yves Avenard (41):
      Make services running on the frontend and advertised through Bonjour to listen to all interfaces
      Abort setting timestretch if audio hasn't been initialised yet.
      Make libsountouch support up to 8 channels audio
      Fix AC3 encoder when re-encoding non 5.1 audio
      Make sure passthru flag is in sync between video decoder and audio framework
      Fix audio digital passthrough device override setting
      Revert "Fix audio digital passthrough device override setting"
      Revert "Make sure passthru flag is in sync between video decoder and audio framework"
      Revert "Fix AC3 encoder when re-encoding non 5.1 audio"
      Fix possible undefined behaviours in libmythprotoserver
      Fix non-responsive keyboard on mac
      Make vaapi detection automatic.
      Fix VAAPI compilation
      Fix OpenGL video profiles creation
      Fix VAAPI dependency check uncovered by ce56ef0fcad79c677fc02b4a9af0f81e8da87f1c
      Do not create VDPAU profiles by default
      Do not create VDPAU profile unconditionally.
      Fix AC3 encoder when re-encoding non 5.1 audio
      Make sure passthru flag is in sync between video decoder and audio framework
      Fix audio digital passthrough device override setting
      Fix crash in RAOP when a client disconnect
      Fix crash.
      Do not make VideoDisplayProfile::CreateVDAProfile compilation conditional
      Rework RAOP protocol handling
      Add ability to override Bonjour's service name.
      Almost complete rewrite of RAOP server
      Add two network utility methods to ServerPool
      Fix handling of IPv6 link-local address
      Add two network utility methods to ServerPool
      Add full IPv6 support to RAOP and fix Bonjour discovery of RAOP service.
      Fix RAOP time request failing to send
      Use new ServerPool capabilities, and only advertise AirPlay via Bonjour if the server creation was successful
      Always re-use the same computer ID for AirPlay. Share ID between RAOP and AirPlay
      Various fixes in Airplay
      Fix seeking with some http streamed content
      Add AirPlay support from iTunes.
      Bump API version number to "0.25.20120506-1
      Allow VDA to play interlaced content on a mac.
      Attempt to fix most issues in IPTV recorder.
      Fix 32 bits compilation on mac and Quartz playback
      Only disable greedy deinterlacer on mac!

Jim Stichnoth (13):
      Fixes #10566.  Reverts part of 3a51b833e to improve channel changes.
      Fix Live TV channel changing when using Input Groups.
      This should really fix the osx build.  Give up on QVector for now.
      Fix a compiler warning.
      RingBuffer: Set the oldfile flag only once per live TV segment.
      Sync with Master on recent live TV program transition fixes.  Refs #10490
      Revert the livetvchain.cpp portion of 2e56c2563.  Refs #10490
      Fixes #10728.  Draw a black outline around text subtitles for contrast.
      Add a playback OSD menu option to cancel an in-progress playlist.
      Subtitles: Avoid changing subtitle state in the decoder thread.
      Subtitles: Enable forced subtitle tracks.  Refs #10735
      Subtitles: Add a leading space to teletext subtitle backgrounds.
      Subtitles: Only display teletext captions inside the "box" area.

John Patrick Poet (1):
      HD-PVR LiveTV: Rework HD-PVR SignalMonitor to avoid encoding start/stops.

John Poet (1):
      Apply David's modifications from #10765 to AnalogSignalMonitor::VerifyHDPVRaudio.

Jonatan Lindblad (2):
      MythNetvision: Fix segmentation fault in NetTree::showMenu
      Internet Content: Fix Vimeo grabber

Jordan Kanev (1):
      New Bulgarian MythNews and MythZoneMinder translation

Kevon (2):
      Make mythtv more compatible with GCC 4.7
      Make ffmpeg compile with gcc 4.7

Malcolm Parsons (1):
      Fix syslogGetFacility's use of QBytebuffer

Michael T. Dean (5):
      Fix metadata options editor for multiple results.
      Remove reference to no-longer-existent file.
      Fix the 1299 DB upgrade (DeletedMaxAge update).
      Specify MySQL storage engine for mfdb temp tables.
      Direct users to FAQ on wiki.

Morris Cavestro (1):
      Updated Italian MythFrontend translation

Nicolas Riendeau (2):
      Make the video file parser handle both "Series" and "Season" as
      Replace unrecognized translated theme template variables in the

Paul Harrison (1):
      MythMusic: Pass the full filename to TagExists() in Metadata::getTagger()

Raymond Wagner (15):
      Correct file hashing mechanism in Python bindings.
      Merge branch 'fixes/0.25' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv into fixes/0.25
      Update bindings internal version.
      Add logging information as to why MythTV would fail to listen on a port.
      Correct FreeSpace class broken by 1508085eb
      Update version listed in python bindings egg.
      Add --parse-video-filename option to test filename parser.
      Fix Recorded.exportMetadata()
      Make incrementing in command line parser start from 0, not default.
      Mark 'mythshutdown -l' as specifically removed with alternate argument
      Use proper type when exporting Metadata objects from database classes.
      Force proper initialization of keys and jumppoints for control socket.
      Disable artwork processing for exportMetadata().
      Apply fix from 139a98e45d5d5d907390 in correct area.
      Comment additional missed line in e47bcd4955.

Rune Evjen (1):
      Updated Norwegian Bokmal translation update

Stuart Morgan (29):
      Fix #10590. 'Record This' and 'Change to Channel' options not working in Guide menu.
      Disable the 'guess main title' code for DVDs, it's not actually working at all and causes a major memory leak in libdvdnav with some DVDs
      Following [12372544] populate the chapter cache _only_ for the current title and not every title on the disc.
      Fix leak in TeletextScreen::ClearScreen. Fixes 10630
      Reduce the 'blank' visualiser framerate to 1fps as a temporary fix for the ridiculously high CPU usage of a visualiser than should use next to no CPU at all.
      Fix naming issue spotted by 'dekarl'. The channel icon storage group is called 'ChannelIcons' not 'ChannelIcon', the icon lookups would still work because of some fallback checks but they would be slower.
      Fix playback of blu-ray ISOs containing UTF8 characters. Fixes #10689, #9797
      Quick fix for a segfault in Playlist::shuffleTracks()
      Add missing break statement in PlaybackBox::ShowAvailabilityPopup(). Caught by Coverity.
      Fix assumption that ints would be initialised to zero in JobQueueEntry, this isn't the case with C++. It appears that this would have caused any job that didn't include a chanid to abort even though the code indicates that it's perfectly valid to have a job which doesn't operate on a recording and wouldn't require the chanid. I don't know enough about the intended behaviour to say whether this will fix a user-visible bug ... Discovered by Coverity.
      Fix assignment where comparison was intended in FreeSurround::getLatency(). Caught by Coverity
      Fix CID 700722: Allocation too small for string (Coverity) in AudioOutputPulseAudio::ChooseHost()
      Use the correct delete for the array pulse_host. Reported by Coverity.
      Ensure the default parental level is set before we Load() the video data. This was seemingly always backwards which caused the data to be loaded twice. It was then broken by 7c8e45f which moved the signal connection to the right place but overlooked the misplaced ParentalLevel::SetLevel(). To recap, we want to connect the SigLevelChanged() signal _after_ the initial load otherwise we'd always trigger a second unwanted load.
      Fix memory leak when reading flac vorbis tags. Fixes #10721
      Fix memory leak in MetaIOTagLib::getTrackLength(const QString &filename)
      Fix a null pointer dereference in MainServer::HandleQueryRecording(). This bug would have made it possible to crash a backend with a malformed QUERY_RECORDING message. Coverity defect 700420
      Fix several memory leaks in services/dvr.cpp. Coverity defects 700670, 700671, 700672 & 700673
      Fix leak of MetaIOID3() object if we're scanning Flac files without ID3 tags. Fixes #10776 and #10757
      Fix file handle leaks in oggvorbis and wavpack tag readers. These, along with one in the flac tag reader were caused when we stopped using an instance of the Taglib::FileRef class to read the track length. Taglib::FileRef would take ownership of the pointer and delete it when we were done, now that we're not using Taglib::FileRef we're again responsible for deleting the object which in turn closes the open file handle. Refs #10721
      Fix misplaced else condition in osd.cpp. This just looks like a mistake, the else appended to the wrong block. dialog cannot be null, but Create() can and will fail. Related to Coverity defect 700311 'Logically dead code'
      Fix another misplaced else condition in osd.cpp. Exact same problem as in [12078211] just in another place. Related to Coverity defect 700312 'Logically dead code'
      Fix 'Show Upcoming' context menu entry in the Guide.
      Fix yet more leaks in services/dvr.cpp. Objects allocated on the heap when they could/should have been on the stack.
      Handle mouse in mythuibuttontree.
      If SetCurrentFocusWidget() is called on a widget which already has focus then just return. This avoids a lot of unnecessary updates and redraws.
      Fix a couple of memory leaks in mythgame. Coverity defects 703765 & 703766
      Fix leak in MythNetVision. Coverity defect 703767
      Setting VERSION to v0.25.1

Yves Cayer (1):
      Re-enable idle timer after exiting video playback. (Copy/paste error). Fixes #10582



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