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Sun Jun 3 01:23:58 UTC 2012

#10793: CommFlagger improvements
     Reporter:  markspieth             |      Owner:  cpinkham
         Type:  Patch - Feature        |     Status:  new
     Priority:  minor                  |  Milestone:  unknown
    Component:  MythTV - Mythcommflag  |    Version:  Unspecified
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 This ticket is to share work on comm flagger improvements.

 The comm flagger has been working worse for me over time so I decided to
 have a look at the algorithms.

 The main components are:

 1. Command line method parsing fix. Was completely broken. See first
 1. Audio silence and change data fusion[[BR]]
 1. Scene changer param change. 0.85 was way too high to get useful scene
 cut info. Still not sure what the right value is. Debugging procedure to
 adventurers will follow.[[BR]]

 2 and 3 are in the comm-detector-audio patch. This patch is completely
 independent of the myth libraries so that it is easier to test. There are
 some enum changes that will eventually make it into libmyth.[[BR]]
 Only the '''all''' method is implemented.[[BR]]
 Audio power min and max dont appear to add anything useful and will
 probably be removed.[[BR]]

 It seems to work better so far for the few Ive tested.

 DB Settings to play with (new and old)
 * CommDetectLargeSceneChangeThreshold defaults to 50 (out of 100)
 * CommDetectCommLengths defaults to 15,20,30,40,60
  these are the standard commercial lengths. This works for me in AU.
 * CommDetectMaxCommLength Ive set to 61 in my DB.
  Default remains at 125
 * CommDetectSceneChangeThreshold now defaults to 60.
  This used to be 85 and is now parameterized for convenience.
 * AggressiveCommDetect Ive set to 0
 * CommercialSkipMethod Ive set to 15 for audio support

 Things to do:[[BR]]
 1. Subtitle info fusion[[BR]]
  This should help with segment classification
 1. Logo detector is sporadic. Need to find out why.
  Some programs (same channel) can find the logo but other can.

 Test with

 DEBUGCOMMFLAG=1 nice -19 ./mythcommflag --chanid $CHAN --starttime
 $STARTTIME --loglevel debug --outputmethod full --method all --outputfile
 output.txt -v commflag --nodblog --logpath .

 Grab interesting things parsing the log e.g. for scene change values
 cat x.log | perl -e 'print "frame,sc\n"; while (<>) {($x, $y) =
 /Frame:\s+(\d+) ->\s+\d+\s+\d+\s+\d+\s+(\d+)/; print "$x,$z\n";}' > sc.csv
 Plot with your favorite app (I use R from pkg r-base)
 sc = read.table("$FILE",sep=",", header=TRUE)
 hist(sc\$sc, breaks=100)

 Also examine the log for common comm lengths and update
 CommDetectCommLengths to suit.

 For convenience, convert output.txt to min:seconds with attached

 Or just replace the installed mythcommflag with a link to the temp built

 As always testing is appreciated.

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