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Sat Jun 2 16:58:47 UTC 2012

#10792: Please bump Gentoo ebuilds to 0.25
 Reporter:  Alec M <alecm@…>  |          Owner:  wagnerrp
     Type:  Developer Task    |         Status:  assigned
 Priority:  minor             |      Milestone:  0.26
Component:  Packaging         |        Version:  0.25
 Severity:  medium            |     Resolution:
 Keywords:                    |  Ticket locked:  0
Changes (by wagnerrp):

 * owner:   => wagnerrp
 * status:  new => assigned
 * type:  Bug Report - General => Developer Task
 * milestone:  unknown => 0.26


 I haven't bumped the ebuilds, as it hasn't been necessary. There haven't
 been any changes that needed to be made besides those four lines at the
 top. The MythWeb ebuild was updated because it was broken. For all others,
 you are recommended to use the packaged script to update the ebuilds for
 whatever version of MythTV you want to run.

 For 0.25:
     scripts/build-ebuild.py --version=0.25 --type=p
 For 0.26:
     scripts/build-ebuild.py --version=0.26 --type=pre

 If there are updates or changes to make besides those four variables at
 the top, I will accept those and update the ebuilds. Otherwise, I am
 working on a replacement for the above script, which I intend to tie into
 an autobuild system similar to how MythBuntu does their stuff, which
 automatically bumps as needed if the ebuild compiles and installs

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