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#10311: Cleanup reference counting
 Reporter:  danielk           |          Owner:  danielk
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Comment (by Daniel Thor Kristjansson <danielk@…>):

 In [changeset:f0bfe0f0737e918536b0dd8aca466c3d37df6032/mythtv]:
 #!CommitTicketReference repository="mythtv"
 Refs #10311. Add additional debugging capabilities to ReferenceCounter.

 The original ReferenceCounter class would print out the QObject's
 I didn't implement this when I rewrote ReferenceCounter as a general
 reference counter. But having a name for an object does aid in debugging,
 reintroduces that idea but with a QString passed into the constructor. By
 default this is not enabled, but if you need to debug reference counting
 enabling it is just a matter of uncommenting a "//#define EXTRA_DEBUG" in
 the header and recompiling.

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