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Thu Jul 19 22:53:09 UTC 2012

#10414: HDHomeRun: Bad Recordings
 Reporter:  Billy Macdonald <billymacdonald@…>  |          Owner:  danielk
     Type:  Bug Report - General                |         Status:  accepted
 Priority:  minor                               |      Milestone:  0.26
Component:  MythTV - Recording                  |        Version:  Master
 Severity:  medium                              |  Head
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Comment (by David Walker <David@…>):

 Replying to [comment:20 danielk]:
 > The default receive buffer is set to 1MB not 128k in
 hdhomerun_video.c at 103
 > Are you saying running this:
 >   sysctl -w net.core.rmem_max=1048576
 > Fixes the problem for you?
 > If that is the case there isn't much we can do other than maybe adding
 something like that to the sample init.d file and hoping distro's pick it

 A quick test (three simultaneous half-hour recordings) shows great
 improvement on my openSUSE 12.1 system, using the most current MythTV from
 Packman.  Prior to setting net.core.rmem_max=1048576, I would lose several
 minutes of the recordings with this test.  After setting it, I didn't
 notice any loss.

 Here are some specifics of what I'm running:

 dhwalker> mythbackend --version
 Please attach all output as a file in bug reports.
 MythTV Version : v0.25.1
 MythTV Branch :
 Network Protocol : 72
 Library API : 0.25.20120506-1
 QT Version : 4.7.4
 Options compiled in:
  linux release use_hidesyms using_alsa using_jack using_oss using_pulse
 using_pulseoutput using_backend using_bindings_perl using_bindings_python
 using_bindings_php using_dvb using_firewire using_frontend using_hdhomerun
 using_ceton using_hdpvr using_iptv using_ivtv using_joystick_menu
 using_libcrypto using_libdns_sd using_libfftw3 using_libxml2 using_lirc
 using_mheg using_opengl_video using_qtwebkit using_qtscript using_qtdbus
 using_v4l2 using_x11 using_xrandr using_xv using_bindings_perl
 using_bindings_python using_bindings_php using_mythtranscode using_opengl
 using_vaapi using_vdpau using_ffmpeg_threads using_live using_mheg
 using_libass using_libxml2

 > uname -a
 Linux server 3.1.10-1.16-default #1 SMP Wed Jun 27 05:21:40 UTC 2012
 (d016078) i586 i586 i386 GNU/Linux

 > sysctl net.core.rmem_max
 net.core.rmem_max = 1048576

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