[mythtv-commits] Ticket #10825: thread safety in video metadata load

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Tue Jul 10 17:51:52 UTC 2012

#10825: thread safety in video metadata load
 Reporter:  George Nassas <gnassas@…>  |          Owner:  beirdo
     Type:  Bug Report - General       |         Status:  assigned
 Priority:  minor                      |      Milestone:  unknown
Component:  MythTV - Video Library     |        Version:  Unspecified
 Severity:  medium                     |     Resolution:
 Keywords:                             |  Ticket locked:  0

Comment (by beirdo):

 Actually, I think a better plan is to mutex protect the m_entries list on
 all uses, and possibly likewise for the entry_map if necessary.  The
 unprotected list is just asking for issues.

 I'll take a look tonight.

 Also, I'm curious why this uses std::list and std::map rather than QList
 and QMap.

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