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Tue Jan 10 04:50:24 UTC 2012

#10250: Big Mythgame patch
     Reporter:  Chris Lack           |      Owner:  robertm
  <psycho_driver@…>                  |     Status:  new
         Type:  Patch - Feature      |  Milestone:  unknown
     Priority:  minor                |    Version:  Trunk Head
    Component:  Plugin - MythGame    |   Keywords:  mythgame metadata sort
     Severity:  low                  |  giantbomb
Ticket locked:  0                    |
 Added new metadata fields to gamemetadata: developer, esrb, metarating,
 rating, players - The developer field is self explanatory and I personally
 find this a more useful sorting feature than publisher.  The 'esrb' field
 adds support for parental rating values.  'rating' is a value that can be
 assigned to a game by the end user.  'metarating' is a value that can be
 populated by a metadata grabber.  <not yet implemented: For sorting, if
 'rating' is set, it will be used, otherwise the 'metarating' value will be
 used.> 'players' allows for sorting games based on the number of players
 they support.

 Updated db version to 1019 to reflect changes.

 Changed game tree from one metadata field per level to allow for tiered
 based on up to nine metadata filters.

 Implemented more functionality based around the 'display' metadata field,
 so games can be arbitrarily hidden.  Added 'show/hide hidden' options to
 game tree menu in order to access games previously marked as hidden.

 Added some additional functionality to the Giant Bomb metadata grabber.
 Also added image browser to choose images to assign to games.  The most
 useful change was to work around a shortcoming of their API and allow
 displaying system type next to results.  This makes deciding which result
 to use much less of a gamble.  Also by removing the path in the art
 selector dialog you can unset a screenshot or coverart image.  As a result
 of some of the changed functionality, it was necessary to add a
 'publishers' field to the main myth metadata class.  I imagine this could
 be a useful addition for some other media types.  It would be fairly easy
 to remove this portion of the code if this change would be too intrusive.

 Changed functionality of in-menu game scanner to not delete metadata for
 games that aren't present if the setup option requesting a prompt before
 removal has been set.  Automatic removal is bad for people who use
 removable media for games.

 Updated both of the default themes to allow editing of the new metadata
 The 4:3 editor is getting a bit cramped, but it all fit.  I also
 implemented multiline description editors in both dialogs.  Some
 adjustment may be desired by someone with a better eye for aesthetics than

 I am not a C++ programmer by trade, or even hobby.  I'm pretty handy with
 C, so, it's not completely foreign, but I may have done something wrong in
 here without realizing it.  It's all working quite well so far for me.
 Any pointers/suggestions/fixes are welcome.

 Chris Lack
 psycho_driver at yahoo.com

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