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#10244: LiveTV: Video frame buffering failed too many times.
     Reporter:  ignissport@…                |      Owner:  markk
         Type:  Bug Report - Hang/Deadlock  |     Status:  new
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 Since a recent upgrade from 0.24-fixes to 0.25-pre, I've have been
 frequently getting the error "Video frame buffering failed too many
 times." (usually after a few minutes of playback). This occurs after a
 frontend hang of about 30 seconds, and dumps me back at the main menu.

 == Observations: ==
 * I have two frontends. One is running an Intel IGP on IPv4. The other is
 running VDPAU on IPv6. Both frontends have this issue.
 * If I watch the same channel on both machines at the same time, one
 frontend can fail independently of the other (however, the backend reports
 using two different TV tuners recording the same channel)
 * This has also happened when watching a DVD ISO from MythVideo. NB: I'm
 watching Australian DVB-T, the transmission codec and resolution is
 identical to a DVD. The only difference is that one is MPEG-PS and the
 other is MPEG-TS.
 * When I display the stream information OSD, it shows the buffers running
 at 0% when it fails.
 * I get a lot of warnings about writes taking a while to complete. I'm
 running btrfs raid-0 on my backend (a pair of 1TB caviar greens). It had
 some crazy IO utilization issues when recording TV in 0.24, but that
 appears to have been fixed. The IO is not high when this problem occurs.
 * I'm running NFS between them, but I have set
 'settings.AlwaysStreamFiles=1' on my VDPAU frontend and it's set to '0' on
 my other frontend and also on the backend. (i.e. it happens regardless of
 what this is set to).

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