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#10240: Get locale-specific certiciates for movie metadata
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Changes (by robertm):

 * status:  new => infoneeded_new


 All metadata scripts need to behave according to the same standard,
 meaning the addition of locale to the command line options needs to also
 work with Television scripts.  I can live with adding locale as a metadata
 script argument (in fact, it's tough to avoid it) but the other script in
 our repository (ttvdb.py) needs to be patched to at least accept the
 argument so that script behavior is standard.  As it is right now, passing
 the locale in this manner to the ttvdb.py script breaks returns in the
 language (ie, -l de returns german results, -l de-de returns english

 If you want to patch ttvdb.py so that it will accept and disregard the
 locale, I will see about applying the patch.  Also, if they can all be
 patched to take an underscore rather than a dash (en_gb) then I'll feel
 better too, since that's the more standard notation as far as I know.

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