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Mon Jan 2 20:57:25 UTC 2012

#10235: Compilation album is never detected
     Reporter:  mythtv@…             |      Owner:  paulh
         Type:  Bug Report -         |     Status:  new
  General                            |  Milestone:  unknown
     Priority:  minor                |    Version:  0.24.1
    Component:  Plugin - MythMusic   |   Keywords:  mythmusic compilation
     Severity:  medium               |  various artists
Ticket locked:  0                    |

 due to a bug in metaioid3's function "*MetaIOID3::read" compilation albums
 are never detected.

 In line 310 musicbrainz ALBUMARTIST_UUID is stored in
 "TStringToQString(musicbrainz->fieldList().back()))" and not in
 "TStringToQString(musicbrainz->fieldList().front()))" as in the source.

 The correct paragraph is below:

     if (musicbrainz)
         // If the MusicBrainz ID is the special "Various Artists" ID
         // then compilation is TRUE
         if (!compilation && !musicbrainz->fieldList().isEmpty())
             compilation = (MYTH_MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMARTIST_UUID
             == TStringToQString(musicbrainz->fieldList().back()));


 This patch is tested and works.


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