[mythtv-commits] Ticket #11299: MythArchive 0.26: DVD creation from DVB-T is broken

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Wed Dec 19 16:09:34 UTC 2012

#11299: MythArchive 0.26:  DVD creation from DVB-T is broken
 Reporter:  J.Pilk@…    |           Type:  Patch - Bug Fix
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Milestone:  unknown     |      Component:  MythTV - General
  Version:  0.26-fixes  |       Severity:  medium
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 When creating a DVD from DVB-T (UK) recordings I have always stripped
 streams and commercials before entering MythArchive.  DVD creation then
 no transcoding and is quite quick and reliable.

 In 0.26-fixes this is broken, because the name of the mpeg2video codec has
 changed.  A simple workaround is to replace "mpeg2video" by "mpeg2video
 at line 4350 of mythburn.py.

 The same substitution ought to be made in mythburn.cpp; without it the
 transcoder is selected on entry but can be disabled.  It is probably
 too, in two or perhaps three other places in mythburn.py, but I have not
 seen the process with transcoding run to completion.  Changing the
 'target' to
 pal-dvd in the encoding profile didn't do it.

 Alternatively it might be possible to revert to the pre-0.26 version of
 codec name.  I haven't investigated that.

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