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Mon Apr 30 13:02:56 UTC 2012

#10553: channelscanner can not added the found channels
 Reporter:  lars.schmohl@…            |          Owner:  danielk
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Component:  MythTV - Channel Scanner  |        Version:  Master Head
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Comment (by dekarl@…):

 Lets see...
 Google hints that you might be in Switzerland.

 Apr  6 11:28:15 HTPC-core mythtv-setup[11341]: E Scanner
 dvbchannel.cpp:797 (Tune) DVBChan(1:/dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0): Tune():
 Setting Frontend tuning parameters failed.#012#011#011#011eno: Invalid
 argument (22)
 Apr  6 11:28:15  mythtv-setup[11341]: last message repeated 73 times
 looks like your DVB card is unable to automatically guess one of the
 parameters and you have to manually scan one transport and learn the
 others from the network_information_section (NIT).

 Looking further it appears that you might be on DVB-C with CableCom and
 got a welcome letter with a network_id in it.
 The manual network_id setting is not yet hooked up to the GUI, see #7486,
 which enables MythTV to find the correct NIT and realize that your signal
 follows the DVB SI standard.
 Apr  6 13:05:13 HTPC-core mythtv-setup[12526]: E CoreContext
 mythdbcon.cpp:648 (exec) Original query failed, but resend with empty
 strings in place of NULL strings worked. #012DB Error
 (MSqlQuery):#012Query was:#012INSERT INTO channelscan_dtv_multiplex  (
 scanid,     mplexid,            frequency,       inversion,
 symbolrate,         fec,             polarity,       hp_code_rate,
 lp_code_rate,    modulation,     transmission_mode,  guard_interval,
 hierarchy,      mod_sys,            rolloff,
 bandwidth,          sistandard,      tuner_type   ) VALUES  ( ?,    ?,
 ?,      ?,     ?,        ?,            ?,      ?,      ?,   ?,    ?, ?, ?,
 ?,           ?,                        ?,         ?,     ?
 );#012Bindings were:#012:BANDWIDTH="a", :FEC="none",
 :FREQUENCY="538000000", :GUARD_INTERVAL="auto",#012:HIERARCHY="a",
 :HP_CODE_RATE="auto", :INVERSION="a",
 :MPLEXID=0, :POLARITY="v",#012:ROLLOFF="0.35", :SCANID=1,
 :TUNER_TYPE=1#012Driver error was [2/1048]:#012QMYSQL3: Unable to execute
 statement#012Database error was:#012Column 'sistandard' cannot be null

 Ohh, and the channel.conf parser is known broken at the moment, see #7701
 Apr  6 12:51:58 HTPC-core mythtv-setup[12448]: I CoreContext
 dtvconfparser.cpp:317 (AddChannel) Imported channel:  10001 -1  on
 538000000 qam_64 a auto auto a a auto a v fec: none msys: UNDEFINED
 rolloff: 0.35

 Looking further it appears that CableCom is only providing CI+ cards, but
 no CI cards, which do not work with Linux at all.
 Knowing some details on country/provider would help alot as especially
 DVB-C providers often need special handling.

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