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#10583: Unable to playback recordings from Panasonic TV via UPnP
 Reporter:  joe@…                 |          Owner:  dblain
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Component:  MythTV - UPnP         |        Version:  0.25-fixes
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Comment (by J.Pilk@…):

 I now have a current-model Panasonic TV, Series E5, and Myth boxes running
 0.25/SL6 and 0.24.3/F15.  Both work well via UPnP with some content but
 not all.  Recordings are from dvb-t (SD) and dvb-t2 (HD) in the UK.

 Unprocessed recordings usually play well, as do recordings that have been
 cut with an experimental tool and are still mpeg2-ts.  I have one HD
 recording in which the sound format changed at a programme transition.
 Myth played it uncut but vlc hung.  After cutting, both will play it but
 the TV will not.  As a Video, Myth plays it with no sound.  Mediainfo says
 the cut file has no PAT/PMT.  I still have the original and may try
 another cut.

 Most of my SD recordings have been cut using mythcutprojectx, which, like
 mythtranscode -m, converts them to mpeg2-ps; they do not play via the net.
 The TV manual suggests that the TV expects an .mpg file to be PS, but in
 fact it seems happy to play it as TS.

 I haven't done much with the Videos.  In 0.24 I see only Video Root, with
 one unplayable .iso file.  In 0.25 I now see four copies of everything.
 Some of them play.


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