[mythtv-commits] Ticket #10672: Maddening Video Metadata Save/Exit Behavior [patch]

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Sun Apr 29 20:28:22 UTC 2012

#10672: Maddening Video Metadata Save/Exit Behavior [patch]
 Reporter:  adiemus <mythtv@…>                   |           Type:  Patch -
   Status:  new                                  |  Bug Fix
Milestone:  0.25.1                               |       Priority:  minor
  Version:  0.25-fixes                           |      Component:  MythTV
 Keywords:  metadata editor return save exit     |  - General
  root                                           |       Severity:  low
                                                 |  Ticket locked:  0
 Having recently upgraded from 0.21-fixes to 0.25-fixes, one of the things
 I was most excited about was getting useful metadata into my videos.
 However, I quickly found myself to the point of near rage at the metadata
 edit dialog's behavior of returning to the root of the video list when
 done editing a file, rather than returning to the file just edited.
 (Making editing multiple files take a *painfully* long time, even with a

 Attached is a patch that (mis-)uses the "save and restore video selection"
 logic to make save/exit-ing from the metadata edit dialog return to the
 video just edited.

 I've tested it locally in list/browser/gallery modes, and they all seem to
 work.  However, I'm very unfamiliar with myth's codebase, and I'm quite
 sure this need a good looking over.  (I've noticed, for example, that in
 browser/gallery mode the file counts when returning from edit are wrong,
 until you move to a new video, though you do end up back on the correct
 video.  I mostly use the list view and am fairly unfamiliar with the
 browser/gallery views so I didn't look into this further)

 Hope this is at least marginally useful.

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